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Hart.) Read more about the biography of this remarkable American patriot on the Hart Collection Biography page- (View Picture) SMOF6862 - BRITISH SMLE MODEL NO.4 MK 2 MADE IN 1955- SUPERB! Tiny CAI import marks on the exposed portion of the barrel. Hart was a career Central Intelligence Agency Officer as well as an avid arms collector.Serial Number A9399 made at Fazakerly in 1955 (UF55). We think this is even nicer than finding one new in the original wrap because you don't want to unwrap those. A large part of their collection was donated to the Virginia War Memorial Museum in Richmond, VA, and many other items donated to the National WW2 Museum in New Orleans, LA.A somewhat clunky, ugly, and unusual design, but displaying the usual French arrogance towards ideas better than their own.(The exception being the locking system which is similar to the Tokarev and Ljungman and some others).If you have a Curio & Relic FFL, we can ship items considered by the BATF directly to you, as long as there are no state or local restrictions (California?? If you do not have a C&R FFL, then we can only ship guns made after 1898 to a FFL dealer in your area. Additionally; this rifle has the uncommon brass butt plate and the adjustable rear ladder sight, features that were deleted and replaced with more cost saving and easier to produce zinc butt plates and flip peep sights.

A nice addition to a 20th century military arms collection, or someone with a secret fetish for frilly frog firearms.FFL holders often charge a small fee for handling these transfers, as well as any state or federal fees for the background check. These were strictly purchased for transfer to England under the Lend Lease program developed to allow the U. to supply our allies at a time when they lacked funds to purchase all the war material they needed to fight the axis hordes. This rifle does not feature the stock reinforcing screw forward of the action, indicating that this rifle did not see service in India, nor are there any ugly import marks on the rifle.If you don't know of any FFL holders in your area, we may be able to help you find one willing to handle transfers. We warrant them to be as described, and make no claims as to fitness for use. Once in British control, these rifles were issued and used just as any other rifles on hand were regardless of where they were made or what taxpayer may have paid for them. We estimate that this rifle likely returned to the United States (to a gracious taxpayer willing to pay for it twice) sometime in the late 1950`s and has remained well cared for since. 4 MK I and we do not expect to see one as nice in the near future.1 MARK III .303 LEE ENFIELD MADE AT LITHGOW IN 1918 - FROM THE HART COLLECTION Serial number 48422 matching from time of arsenal Factory Thorough Repair.Tiny CAI import markings on the right side of receiver.

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